Our response to Covid-19



Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Our response to Covid-19

The outbreak of covid-19 made lots of stresses for people with great progress these days in all over the world. Fortunately, it is possible to be safe by respecting simple hygiene points and remove the outbreak of epidemic. By washing the hands and surfaces with hygiene liquids it is possible to kill any viruses on hands and face and different surfaces. Since the fats have surrounded this virus, by washing the hands all fats would be removed with damage of virus as well.

Disinfection and repeated washing of hands are the most and also the easiest way for fighting with covid-19. But most of the time, for instance when we are coming/ going to/from public places, we have no more access to water and soap. Also carrying of any disinfecting with liquid alcohol has lots of problems such as flaming and or pouring.

Therefore, Marinasan Co. started to produce disinfecting wipes under Alave Brand.

Alave wet wipes have no more problems of keeping liquid alcohol and are always available. They can be put in packets and bags easily and/or keep them in car.

It includes glycerin and chamomile extract which may kill coronavirus just within 2 minutes. By using this wipe, you do not need use alcohol and repeating wash your hands anymore.


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