Marinasun Cellulose Industries Co.


About us

Golrang Industrial Group has entered the field of cellulose industry since 2001 by producing paper napkins under the brand name of Softlan. In 2007, by the establishment of Marinasun Cellulose Industries Co. (Private Joint Stock), made a long stride in developing iran's cellulose industry.

In the first phase, the production lines of paper towels, towels, toilet paper and sanitary napkins in February 2009 in Saveh; And in the second phase, the production line of complete baby diapers was installed in 2010 in Eshtehard.

Marinasun Company has endeavored that by implementing the latest and most equipped technology in the world and utilizing the most expert and prominent foreign and Iranian production and quality control manpowers, as well as the best raw materials, offers the best possible product aligned with the best foreign brands in the fields of Janbo Roll Tisho, a variety of napkins, toilet papers and towels, diapers, sanitary pads, plastic packaging products, etc. to consumers in the Central Asia and the Middle East region.

By utilizing its committed and expert staff, the company is trying to identify the current and future needs of the consumer and provide them, in order to create consumer satisfaction and self-sufficiency of the Iranian market in the field of sanitary and cellulose products.

Should you need any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.