About the Founder



Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Mr. Mohammad karim fazli, the founder of golrang industrial group and the superior national entrepreneur, was born in 1932 in Tuyserkan, Hamadan province.

He started his first business activity during his schooling and along with his father who was a knowledgeable and reputable businessman in the region.

He got married at 20 and then moved to different adjacent cities looking for a better life and better understanding of the region. During these trips, he got valuable experience. In this regard, he moved to Tehran as a bigger and a new environment. Over the primary years of residence in Tehran , he was surrounded by challenges. But, through determination and self-assertiveness, he tried to come over all difficulties and remove the hurdles within 3 years.

considering the economic prosperity in developed countries which was based on production and dynamic industry, and seeing the fact that his country, despite enjoying outstanding potentials and capabilities, has become a consumer of sometime second hand foreign products, decided to make any effort to establish a large manufacturing and industrial business in his own country. He thought that it was the only way to serve his country at the time.

His father was, in a time, involved in soap manufacturing business. This actually served as a background for him, when he was a young adult, to get familiar and being interested to detergent and hygiene industry. After abundant investigation, he was related to the people and companies in the field.

He started to set up a small workshop at first step in order to manufacture dishwashing liquid. This continued in an organized and more developed way in the early sixties. Then, he started to manufacture disinfectants. After a while, he added the bleaching products to the range. Then, laundry detergent, named “Golrang Super”, stain remover, glass cleaner and laundry softeners were manufactured and developed in the following years. He, then, tried to run an effective marketing plan to sell the products in an extensive way to hospitals, hotels and organizations. This trend continued till the early 1970's, when Pakshoo company, which is still continuing dynamically the development of its production activities, was established. As the production lines were developed over time, the company employed more and more people in order to realize his entrepreneurial ideal. After the revolution and during the imposed war and the hard economic situation, Mr. Fazli started exporting the products in addition to his production activities.

At the time, due to special wartime conditions many businesses started to lay off their personnel. Actually, it was inevitable for the companies in that situation. But, in order to supply currency for developing business activities, especially to avoid making the staff redundant, exporting the products was at the top of the company agenda. In this way the company achieved two goals simultaneously; firstly, supplying the foreign currency for development and, secondly, keeping the human resources of the company to continue entrepreneurship.

These efforts finally led to the expansion of Pakshoo towards the establishment of "Golrang Industrial Group". Mr.Fazli is, now, the chairman of the board of this group. Today this group is a market leader in the detergent and hygiene industry through the well-known brands in the market like Ave, Softlan, and Golrang, in the fields of shampoo, washing liquid, toothpaste and tissue.

The group consists of companies like, Pakshoo, Golpakhsh-e-aval, Golrang Pakhsh, Padideh Shimi Nili, Padideh Shimi Paydar, Golbarg Babaran, Marinasun, Pakhsh Padideh Paydar, Aryan Pakhsh Pishro, etc. In fact, Golrang industrial group, as one of the most dynamic business groups coming out of the private sector and developed by public endeavor, now has become a successful example and pioneer in the detergent and hygienic industry in the country.

Mr.Haj Karim Fazli and his business complex, via lifetime entrepreneurial effort, have achieved many awards, like the best entrepreneur and employer award in 2005, and the golden award of the fourth international green economy festival in 2007. Being chosen as the entrepreneur of the year by the ministry of industry, mining and trade, the golden award for research and development, the country best exporter are some of the achievements of the group. In terms of the social activities the group is honored to have started a partnership by signing a memorandum of understanding with unicef in favor of the iranian children.